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Bond and Valuation Impact


One year Impact: Estimated levy impact will be 4.9 cents increase.

This illustrates the financial impact of the new bond only. It does NOT illustrate your potential total property tax impact.


The district is projecting the need for large valuation increases in order to meet the debt obligation. If projections(1) are not met, and bond payment cannot be made, the district can raise your levy to whatever they need in order to meet the debt payment.


1 This is based on Nebraska state statute which can be found here:

So let’s take a look at the district’s three examples using the district’s projected valuation increases over time.


One thing to note, most homes are valuated every two years by Douglas County. Not always the case, but somewhat the norm. So rather than illustrating 9% and 7% increases every year, we are illustrating 18% and 14% every other year.

Est. Annual Property Tax Bill is based on an 18% valuation increase in years 2025, 2027 & 2029, and 14% in years 2031 & 2033 and an average levy of 2.572. Average levy is based on 35 Bennington neighborhoods.

                                                                                                             Looking at historical averages, 18% is higher than we have already seen!


To see your potential personal property tax outlook, download the excel spreadsheet.

You will be able to enter your personal poperty valuation, as well as based on your home's historical valuation increases, enter potential valuation increase percentages to see your future estimated property tax impact.


In Douglas County, to find your home valuation and tax levy you can go to:


It is easier to search by address. Once you find your address and hit search, it will pull up your home’s report. You can scroll to mid-page to see your current and previous valuations.

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